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Technics Music Lovers ChoiceV1 Haydn:String Quartet Op.74 No3 Minuetto(3)

Basically a lovely bit of chello, balanced by the other baroque kind of ensemble. I'm not a classical music fanatic/devotee - but this chello can sound amazing, or just chello'.

when well reproduced, it has guts, resinous tack, and dusty breathing, as if you are right where the microphone obviously was - somewhere close to the bow.

just a small change in the loudspeaker's wadding, or driver affects the sound of well recorded chello like nothing else I ever hear. Vocals are essentially very varied and  personal, but a chello isnt, it sounds either like a real throaty but clear instrument that should convey just the reverberating wooden body, plus a hint of floorboards reflection - or it sounds very very boring.

this track - particularly at 1:28 influenced some of the most expensive decisions basesd upon the most subtle improvements heard comparing this 10 second section between 2 nearly identical models of resolution - as well as others.

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