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Professional Monitors

When world-leading clarity is required, revealing the slightest faltering note or syllable, the only monitoring loudspeaker system that works, is one in which the interactive system parts are minimised, and the processing done by digital systems instead.

The Resolution SUHTL monitors do just that - by eliminating electronic circuitry, other drive units, and resonant enclosures, plus stopping the room becoming resonant by enclosure leakage and reflection - you get just what you want - pure full bandwidth sound. The Digital equalizer merely evens out the final performance, having been initially tuned for the room.

Other monitors, try to even out the performance by increasing size and circuitry which always crushes the life out of realistic sound, and loses more energy into the room in the process - thus demanding heavier amplification and room-treatment. All this adds Zeros onto the budget, and the facility becomes a dinosaur.

Resolution takes the sensible route of dealing with the causes of distortion, not compensating for them with increased interactive components(drivers etc) but increased digital processing.

The result is a lodspeaker that delivers 20hz to 20khz bandwidth

the full bandwidth is delivered evenly (room equalized whatever the layout).

The full bandwidth is beamed from one stereo position for authentic cognition.

Room placement is inert, so they can be right up to the mixing desk, or 40 feet away if you must. The ultimate monitor can be setup in a 6 foot square untreated-cubicle, or to upgrade the monitoring in a Dolby certificated broadcast studio.

We donít mind where you use it, but we care a lot if there is somewhere you canít!

Pro-Audio Applications include:

    Recording studio monitoring and mixdown reference system

    Broadcast studios

    GCHQ voice recognition monitors

    Home portastudio monitors


Designing a studio, is often a lesson in scale, and the total cost roughly multiplies by 10 every doubling of size.

Size of a studio is principally dictated by the reccomended distance between monitors and the mixing desk. Build cost is increased with the insulation required with larger monitors which rear-project accidentaly.

The Resolution loudspeaker is backed by a waveguide, not an airspace, so it does not resonate or colour the sound. The Patented material is unique in constraining virtually all rear sound down a long absorbing tube. Because of this, virtually all sound only comes forward directly from the cones, so a room equalisation system actually works properly - adjusting the cone output rather than the total resonant output usually experienced.

Room equalisation will never work properly with any other loudspeaker because of this problem - their sound is also coming out (roughly 30%) from from other places apart from the cone fronts. The result of equalising other loudspeakers is it makes them worse.

The Resolutions make it sound like the performers are actually in the room between the speakers - this is because of two unique and obvious features: firstly the imaging is perfect vertically there is no vertically different sound source to upset perception. Secondly the plosives and deep sounds Ďprojectí rather than spill towards the listener from the same points as the mid/treble without delay and softening.

The complete lack of echo or room-excitation comes from removing the crossover and slow-reacting components. The resultant bass is the fastest in the world, capable of extreme precision and Ďstopsí instantly, compared with any other system.

Real quality audio monitors is everything about great ideas and verified engineering, nothing about badge power, pricing and size.

Resolution SUHTL is the best monitoring system in the world, and at the lowest price.

The best systems always are simple ideas made to work with new materials.

To reproduce a recognisable sound like a mouth, you have to have just one mouth.

Telephone 01202 470184, to setup a free in-house demo visit today.


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