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Demo room looking right. Click pictures to enlarge

Here at Resolution (Christchurch, Dorset BH23 UK), we would like to invite you to visit our luxurious and quiet Demonstration Lounge. Please ring and we will book an appointment for your visit, give you full directions and discuss what equipment you would like in the demo. We hope you will bring your favorite recordings/CDs, and its always reassuring to high end customers to run the demo on their own amplifier if they can bring it.

Demo room equipment; we have a variety of  amplifiers (Yamaha natural sound A-420, Nad 3020, Sonic T-class digital amp), the Resolution equalizer/Room correction unit (studio quality 24bit/96khz digital-see mic on RHS) , turntable (Dual Audiophile concept Cs505-3), cassette deck (jvc  tdw-308) and  of course Cd player (pioneer DV-575a SACD/DVD-A compatible -optical digital output is as good as any digital output gets!)

We can also tailor the sound to your taste with the equalizer, and even imitate the familiar tonality of your current loudspeakers if you can bring those too.

Demo room looking left. Our 18 by 12 foot demo room can accomodate  alny personal equipment  you might like to bring to test.

Maybe you are interested in multi-channel use - no problem - the room is equipped for home cinema with a 29 TV, JPW wall-mounted rear speakers, and a mission sub-woofer ready to go.just bring your DVD for a stunning demo, but dont expect blurred speech and earthquakes so loud they would hurt your ears(our sub is too small for that) - we just do realistic speech and the odd bump for effect.

Whatever your interest, customers and reviewers are always made at home, we will provide refreshments after what can often be a long trip to the sunny South coast, and arrange overnight accommodation locally for you if you need it. People are prepared to travel from across Europe just to visit our demo room here, so we are prepared to make hours of our time available just for them. We are not a shop selling other brands, nor are we near a noisy street. We have a customer parking space waiting for you(see below), and ample extra parking nearby.

parking is free of charge, secure and adjacent to the demo room

At the resolution demo room, we will make you welcome like no other dealer can. Subject to availability, it is quite possible you will drive back with our product loaded into your car, or dispatched next day via courier. Give us a call on 01202 470184 to arrange your demo now.(10am-8pm)

Demo room looking left. Our 18 by 12 foot demo room can accomodate  alny personal equipment  you might like to bring to test

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