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About Us


Resolution Loudspeakers has been providing quality loudspeakers  since our founding in 2001. It is our mission to deliver the theoretically best designed, and built loudspeakers to our customers, so they will enjoy the most realistic hifi ever. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to supply only the best performance loudspeaker in the world, built without compromise, tested and demonstrated alongside allcomers, and delivered and installed in perfect condition to last a lifetime.


Resolution Loudspeakerís Chief Engineer and Managing Director was formerly a software consultant Ďtrouble-shooterí with a wide acoustics and technical engineering experience since his first computer programming job in 1982 (on one of the first available PCs manufactured). He has developed a K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) objectives to solving the most complex riddles in engineering, including mechanics, software, robotics, electronics, and of course acoustics. Graduating in Engineering in 1997, he returned to computer programming for aerospace and instrumentation/robotics, which within years developed into one of the highest paid consultancies in the country - because of the determination to break down boundaries and get the job done right, and an open-minded attitude to learning and harnessing the ideas of others with state-of-th-art technology, processes and materials. In 2001 he solved the SUHTL riddle to make the theoretically perfect loudspeaker - using a few simple untried ideas in combination.


Single Prototype produced 2001, tested exhaustively

Cherry finished pair 2002, comparitive testing stereo begun

Mahogany finished pairs produced, market research 2003

dealer demos 2004, product launched

exhibited UK hifi show (Bristol) 2005

national magazine full page adverts 2005

Patent finally approved on the SUHTL design 2005

exhibited UK hifi show (Bristol) 2006

exhibited at London Hi-end show (Heathrow) April 2006

exhibited BIS (British Invention Show) Gold medal awarded, October 2007,

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