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Welcome to the Resolution Loudspeakers product catalog page. We offer a variety of finishes to order, but normally carry stock for immediate dispatch as below. The resolution SUHTL Loudspeakers are unique in performance, concept and build quality see. for details

Because our quality control standards are high, we manufacture only the highest caliber loudspeaker in the world using the patented enclosure, finished with seasoned mahogany, polished metals and gold terminals. Our goal is always to impress with fidelity, finish and robustness that will last a lifetime. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. 

Below is a complete list of the products we sell.

 [Mahogany] - burled mahogany laminated sides - £1,195 pair

 [Mirror Black] - mirror finish black laminated sides - £1,295 pair 

 [Room Correction/Equalizer Reference Upgrade] - digital preamp, leads, microphone, stand - suhtl instruction manual - £495

 (please ask about our Naim/Din/optical and other non-phono connector leads)


    If you donít have a CD player with digital output, we recommend you buy the pioneer DV575a (rrp £100) available nearly anywhere. Honestly we believe any digital output  is as good as the most expensive phono players as it is going into our digital equalizer (this setup eliminates the DtoA and the AtoD conversion losses) the only drawback is that this cd/DVd player has no volume control for the digital output, so you still need a volume control on your amp.

Reccomended Amplifier for reference system( room-correction/equalizer upgrade required )

2-channel (stereo only)

      If you donít have an audiophile amplifier and are only play cd at moderate levels (up to 90db) the new T-class sonic T-amp is fantastic @£29 (yes twenty nine). You just eliminated the preamp losses too!

      If you have plenty of money and room, the Naim 112 pre-amplifier (£700) is a great sound powered up by a NAP 125 (£800) or even better NAP 250(£2500). We donít recommend the naim Cd players though, since they donít have digital output which is best for our equalizer. 

      Second hand? - look for approx 40Wrms or more e.g. Marantz PM66SE, Yamaha A-420, Pioneer A-400 etc



      On a budget

        Want to maximise clarity from a digital amp fed with the equalizerís digital output - how about the Yamaha RXV 357 AV reciever, itís got 5*100WPC, optical digital inputs, home cinema compatible and best of all approx rrp is only £170

      Money no object?

        You might prefer a louder more seismic bass capable amp with full input selectors and home cinema compatibility- we would recommend an Arcam AVR 250 (approx £1,000)

Reccomended amplifier for non-reference system?

    if you do not purchase our room-correction/equalizer upgrade, you can run the speakers from any amplifier provided it has tone controls itself, or you purchase our or other tone control unit. This is necessary because the suhtl design bass is so pure it is a bit quiet compared to booming inefficient speakers.

All of the items listed above are currently [available] [in-stock] and can be shipped via UPS or domestic courier overnight to your location. There will be a small charge for crating and shipping applied( UK mainland £100). 

Ordering Direct, you will receive crated loudspeakers and the accessories separately, which with a screwdriver and the enclosed instructions will enable you to setup the system in about 20 minutes. Crates and delivery is extra.

Visit our demo room - see the contacts page

Alternately, you may wish to arrange a no-obligation demonstration in your own home, which we also offer for a small expense(depending on distance). This will give you the peace of mind of leaving your hifi where it is, and making sure the experience is everything you expect. This includes setting up by an expert and full instruction. It is often possible that the demonstrated pair can be bought on the spot, thus eliminating any delay or further expense


For more information or to place an order, please contact us either via email by clicking here  email sales You may also call us at 01202 470184 from 10am to 8pm intl. 044 1202 470184 GMT time zone.

We look forward to serving you.

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