Mariah Carey

(Mp3 download will take approx 4 min @56k - I reccomend buying the original  as it is better quality)..

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Butterfly    Mariah Carey  Fourth of July(5)

 -beggining of this track is very quiet with pulsing electric piano (panning like lesley speakers), light cymbals and vocalsbirds chirping, then at 20 secs there is bass guitar and  cymbals hit in a variety of places, at 45 secs the drums start gently with crisp hi-hats, thereafter the bassline is solid and tightly controlled (sudden stops)

 -the piano sounds very metallic and real. the panning allows you to guage the imaging control of the reproduction(loudspeakers). the cymbal edges and centre light-strikes are authentic and convincing, as are the birds. When the bass comes in, you can hear it has low frequencies and is very clean but not bright(treble rolled-off in recording). The  developed bass/drums patterns though simple, are tight, and explore the bass and treble extremes - occasionaly overlaid or interspaced by vocals and electric piano.

- what I like most about this track, is it allows you to hear different frequency bands from really well recorded instruments/sources, that havent been adulterated with effects much.  The instruments develop into patterns with each other, so you can appreciate not just instruments, but music. This ensures you know your listening is balanced and convincing both in isolated and complex arrangements.

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