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At last!, a loudspeaker designed and built without compromise, with real guts.

The Resolution S.U.H.T.L. is the only loudspeaker in the world that delivers full range from a Single (full range) drive unit with no woofer, crossover, ports or enclosure coloration. because the triaxial is so closely spaced it eliminates virtually all the distortion you get in abundance from woofer/tweeer/port designs(conventional loudspeakers) - see the video talk.

In order for the forward sound to remain pure, the backward sound has to be completely absorbed, otherwise it will bounce round your room or bounce back interfering with the cone movement. To solve this, and also  ensure the cabinet itself does not resonate, requires a perfectly matched impedance (tuned stuffed pipe) which itself must not resonate, that can completely absorb the rear-sound without allowing it to return to the  cone and spoil the purity.

Such a construction is costly to construct, and until now, has either been too long (8 foot) or resonated. To overcome these problems, resolution use ceramic/concrete mirrors to fold up the line (pipe) into a floorstander size, and then redesigned it using an Ultra-low-resonance material never used before in any loudspeakers.

In order to enable the efficient reproduction of deep bass below 23hz, (approx the lower threshold of hearing but not feeling) the pipe has to be at least a Half-wavelength (8 foot reflection) in length. Anything shorter would be incapable of delivering clean low bass.

Inside each resolution S.U.H.T.L. is an eight foot pipe folded up with five concrete and ceramic reflectors within an exclusively non-wood enclosure. This super-sound insulating material, never used in a loudspeaker before delivers the 'holy grail' solution that audiophiles and professionals have wanted for decades - a perfected Transmission Line. Invented in the 1960's by A.R.Bailey, but at that time didn't have the technology to make it work well, until by chance/design/experimentation and a lot of dedicated perseverance resulted in a hitherto unknown company perfecting and patenting this remarkable combination of theoretical perfection with modern technology.

UK Patent awarded October 2005 for "Loudspeaker with Low Distortion, Precise imaging and deep bass")click to enlargeclick to enlarge This patent certifies 2 things: this is a world first, and it is an inventive step - not normal practice within the  field of loudspeakers. The search is worldwide, not just UK, and gives us priority elsewhere