Pink Floyd

(Mp3 download will take 20secs @56k - I reccomend buying the original  as it is better quality).

Album                Artist                 Track            

The Division Bell  Pink Floyd        What do you want from me(2)

Fantastic interesting bass in the foreground of this track is a must for listening pleasure. Usual Floyd wonderfull patient drumming from a superbly recorded studio production.

Gutsy' guitar going up and down scales a lot allows you to appreciate intended eveness of volume and not hear vibrations, rumbles, etc from the bass end. It is important to enjoy ALL the bass, and not feel there is a part of it missing.

Good track to use if you are setting up an active sub-woofer, because you can tune in the volume and frequency etc on it till you get a subtle benefit from it without flooding over the mid-band by overdiong it/

Nice to compare this track in headphoes as well.

Particularly shows up reflex speakers as inferior as the clean recording gets reproduced in a blurred way on thos types.

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